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APEX & Stryd

Save 10% when you buy The APEX & Stryd + receive a FREE box of gels!!

The APEX along with the new Stryd integration and proprietary wrist-band power readings have been tested by a variety of runners and fitness enthusiasts in various conditions and settings. 

COROS is now providing one of the best running with Stryd experiences with full  & native Stryd compatibility on their watches!

Here is why this integration is noteworthy & among the best integrations available:

  • Full Stryd metric support
  • Support is provided across a wide range of COROS watches
  • Automatic data syncing
  • First-class pace & distance support from Stryd
  • Customizable data screens
  • Syncing of Stryd's Critical Power directly to the watch
  • Power-based structured workouts


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