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May Competition!

Thanks to all the newcomers who have joined the NRG Strava Club this month! Details of our May competition are – 

Prize: 1x free Stryd device (power meter for running) £200 RRP
How to win: Run exactly 500m of elevation gain on the New Running Gear leaderboard at the end of the week ending 21st May 2017.

The winner will be announced on the 22nd May 10:00 BST. 

The winning athlete will be the one with elevation gain closest to 500m for the week 15th-21st April, when the leaderboard is viewed on 22nd May 10:00 BST. If there are two or more athletes with the same winning elevation, then the athlete with the highest total distance that week will be selected as the final winner. Our judging decision is final. 

For more information about Stryd and why training to power instead of pace can be a good idea, especially if you are running up a hill, find out more here: 

If you are interested in buying a Stryd we offer 30 money back guarantee and here is a special 15% promo code for May: STRAVACLUB15

Redeem it here 

Keep on running :)