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We are NewRunningGear!

We were the first people to import power meters for running to Europe and launch them in the UK market.

Stephen Honight and Mike Trees set up this website to sell New Running Gear to Endurance Sports Prosumers - that's you!

The Endurance Sports Prosumer: A tech-savvy, knowledgable Triathlete and/or Runner who consumes AND produces their own media content to curate their sporting lives online.

So you are tech savvy right? But you don't want to take a gamble on Kickstarter? That's where we step in! A lot of the items we are selling have been sourced from Kickstarter and tried and tested, but not yet hit the mainstream retailers. Alternatively, we have been involved directly or indirectly in the distribution of these products in the UK or Japan. You can see information on our import/export business here. As a result, a lot of the items on our site are you can't always find online or at your local running store - which is why we set up the e-commerce store!

We like to think we can exist on the mezzanine level between Kickstarter and Wiggle, RunnersNeed and SportsShoes. We want to bring you interesting and niche technology, apparel and footwear brands that have been tried and tested, which the big box retailers aren't interested in listing. That's not a true statement for all the brands we list (some are selling at big box retailers), but the mezz-level is our sweet spot and raison d'être.

Our aim is to provide friendly, considerate customer service with free UK shipping and no quibble returns. We are headquartered in Bristol, but work as a remote team distributed across the UK and Asia.

If you need our postal address it is - New Running Gear, 7 Chelford Grove, Stoke Lodge, Bristol, BS34 6DD.

Company Number 9295613

VAT Number GB 203 9670 15

General enquiries email:

Email really is the best and quickest way to contact us. At this time we cannot support a 24 hours phone line due to our distributed set-up. When we listed a phone number previously, 99% of the calls we receive are from companies trying to sell us web development services or PPI and this just slowed down how quickly we could respond to actual customers! We hope you can understand our rationale for not having a phone number listed. If you really need to speak to someone in person, email us and we will call you back. We are 99% certain we can solve any problem in a timely manner by email.