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How To Improve Your Running with Stryd

Power is the foundation of running efficiency. However, improving efficiency by looking at power, alone, is challenging. Running power is influenced by your internal efficiency, but also by a variety of external factors, such as pace and terrain. Isolating the effects of these internal factors on power makes it much easier to understand which specific changes to form and conditioning are improving efficiency.

STRYD decided to take this challenge — Leading to the birth of new Stryd 2.0.

Compared to Stryd Pioneer, the new Stryd is equipped with over 10 times more sensing and computing power. The new Stryd can, for the first time, isolate the power due to external factors, such as pace and terrain, from internal factors, such as run form as well as muscle and tendon condition. This enables Stryd to provide simple, direct feedback on running efficiency, and guide you through personalized form and conditioning drills to improve efficiency and performance.



Get triathlon-based run guidance that helps you determine the exact power you need to run off the bike. Do not leave your power numbers when you get off the bike.



Get 5K to Marathon training plans. Stryd determines your weak spot and gives you daily training recommendations so you get fitter and not injured. Get a leg up at your next race with Stryd.

Device Compatibility

Garmin Forerunner
FR 230
FR 235
FR 630
FR 645 & 645M
FR 920XT
FR 735XT
FR 935

Fenix 2
Fenix 3
Fenix 3 HR
Fenix 5, 5S, 5X
Fenix 5 Plus, 5S Plus, 5X Plus

Vivoactive HR
Vivoactive 3 & 3 Music

Ambit 3
Ambit 3S
Ambit 3 Peak
Ambit 3 Vertical

Suunto 9

All Suunto Spartans

Apple Watch
Series 2
Series 3

Polar V800

Plus Android and iphone


There are two ways to improve running performance via efficiency, and Stryd’s power meter supports both.

First, running-specific strength and conditioning training can be used to strengthen muscles and tendons, improve muscle control, and allow runners to recycle more power. Each of these changes increases the runner's leg spring stiffness, allowing more efficient running. Stryd monitors muscle condition and control, recommends personalized drills, and tracks the resulting pace improvements.

Second, conscious adjustments to form can let a runner increase pace and reduce exertion. Faster pace and lower power imply better form. Stryd monitors the runner’s form and efficiency, recommends personalized form adjustments, and tracks the resulting efficiency and pace improvements.

In addition to running efficiency, the new Stryd also provides the power-based training intensity control and race-day pacing you have come to expect from Stryd.

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