Stryd Power Meter

STRYD 4.0. The latest version with wind detection. 

At NRG, we’re always looking to keep you one stride ahead of the other runners out there. Today, we bring you the Stryd Power Meter. Find speed like a cyclist. Build stamina like a triathlete. All from the development of the hidden potential inside of you that can be found via from the addition of power based training to your regime. 

STRYD is the first device that brings power-based training, so far only known to cyclists and triathletes, to the world of running.

Stryd measures the exact amount of energy you exert at any given moment. You learn how to run to your limit, but not over it. Power adapts to any race course in real time, so there are no unexpected surprises. With Stryd, you can predictably turn in excellent race results instead of "breaking."

Why Power?

If you are looking for a good, easy to use a compatible training platform that allows you to analyse running powers, we recommend Xhale. 

If you want to get deep into the numbers, you can read this white paper from Stryd: The accuracy of running power

Power Metrics: Running Efficiency, Training Intensity, Run Form, Pace

Installation: Shoe Clip

Weight: 8 grams

Communication: Bluetooth, ANT+

Water Resistance: Splash resistant.

Battery: Wired Charging, One Month Per Charge

  • Long Life Stryd's battery lasts. You can run for 2+ weeks without charging Stryd. The continuous running time of 20+ hours means you can even take Stryd along for ultra marathons.
  • Secure, yet flexible Stryd easily clips on to any pair of running shoes via a simple & secure clipping mechanism. If you run with many pairs of shoes, you can transfer Stryd between shoes in seconds.
  • Precision Accurate pace when changing shoes, surfaces, run form, and speeds with calibrationless technology that typically exceeds the accuracy and consistency of GPS data.
  • Rugged Stryd is built with a fiber-reinforced housing which keeps it safe in use in over 100 countries worldwide in every imaginable type of running terrain.
  • Lightweight At 8 grams you won’t even notice it.
  • Every Run Use Stryd power on the track, trail, road, or on a treadmill for a unified training/racing experience.

    Compatible Devices


    In order to use Stryd effectively with Apple Watch and Garmin devices you require the apps. 

    Garmin apps - Stryd Power, Stryd IQ, PowerRace

    Apple Watch app - Stryd

    If you are super stats and love a long read then dive into this Fellrnr page

    This last bit is a keyword drop :)

    The Stryd power meter can be used in conjunction with the Stryd power centre to analyze and track your performance and check out total power and Stryd form power (efficiency metric) 

    Stryd is based in the US, Stryd Boulder office is where the magic happens and if you want to find out more about Stryd battery life, Stryd battery, Stryd barometer, Stryd Bluetooth, Stryd and Zwift, Stryd accuracy, Stryd and Fenix 5, Styrd and Garmin, from STryd direct, then check out the Stryd blog !

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