Community Face Mask

Community Mask - BREAK THE CHAIN

The all new UYN Community Mask is designed to make life during exercise in these restricted times safer and more enjoyable, so you can continue to train while protecting others and following the government guidelines comfortably. 

Washable at 60 degrees centigrade and with a two years warranty, this mask is designed to last. No more broken straps, holes nor sweaty and uncomfortable situations with the UYN Community Mask. 

 Its fit makes the Community Mask the new darling among mask wearers because its ergonomic design and anatomically shaped mouth section are combined with a tight-fitting but elastic neck section. As a result, the Community Mask stays firmly in position and provides protection for others while at the same time allowing freedom of movement.

1. Highly elastic ergonomic nose shape

2. Flex Ribs for a perfect fit

3. Flexible and soft ear loops

4. Breathable 3D breathing ribs let the skin breathe

5. Particularly densely knitted mouth and nose sections

6. Highly elastic band at the neck for optimum wear comfort


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