Coros Pace 2 and Stryd Integration

February 25, 2021

Coros Pace 2 and Stryd Integration

Building on its inaugural watch franchise COROS introduces the PACE 2 Premium GPS Sport Watch along with Stryd Power Integration and a more robust training platform

According to COROS, PACE 2 will debut with several new and expanded features at a price point that exposes the brand to a broader audience of runners and fitness athletes.


Exciting features of the new premium GPS watch, include:

  • The lightest GPS watch of its size on the market – 29g with the new COROS Nylon band.
  • 30 Hours of Battery Life in Full GPS Mode – a 20% increase from the original PACE
  • New Strength activity mode with built in “rep” auto detection
  • Built in Power metrics from the wrist plus native and complete integration with Stryd power meters.
  • Custom Training mode – expanding the user’s ability to create cardio interval workouts along with custom strength workouts with more than 200 pre-loaded exercises


PACE 2 along with the new Stryd integration and proprietary wrist-based power readings have been tested by a variety of runners and fitness enthusiasts in various conditions and settings. The watch will be available for purchase on from us at new Running Gear (20% discount for you as an NRG Member on both Coros and Stryd products)!!


Additional PACE 2 features and specs:

  • 5x faster processor than the original PACE
  • 4x more storage, 5x more memory than the original PACE
  • 60 hours of battery life in UltraMax GPS mode (a 20% increase)
  • COROS Digital Dial for one finger control
  • First of its kind Track Run mode
  • Detailed training metrics and performance evaluations


“With a more advanced hardware design, PACE 2 will broaden the brand’s reach to even more performance driven customers” said Lewis Wu, CEO of COROS. “New software features and other characteristics of PACE 2 make it the ideal training tool for road and track athletes, triathletes, gym goers and so many more.”


COROS also announced today the introduction of three significant new software features – wrist-based power, native and complete Stryd power meter integration and an enhanced training platform which now includes the ability to create and share multi week training programs. These new features will be available via firmware update for the VERTIX, APEX Pro and APEX models. “More and more runners are incorporating power into their training and Stryd compatibility has been one of the most requested updates by our users. COROS has a reputation for listening to our customers and bringing them the features they demand, and we are excited to meet the needs of our community with today’s update,” said Wu. The COROS partnership is the only native and complete integration of the Stryd platform with any wearables brand. These new features will provide the user with additional workout customization, plus added content from the web along with the ability to share with friends and training partners all at no additional cost.


Distribution has been slow across Europe, but as one of Coros's trusted retailers, we are always at the forefront of Coros's latest products. We will be releasing a video on how to use the new Coros Pace 2 and Stryd integration and how to get the best out of your training!

If you have further questions or want more info, just email us at info@newrunninggear.com



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