// Sträva Power

Power for running is gathering momentum (m*v, lol) within the Strava community - wareable.com published a very insightful interview with Strava CEO James Quarles this week. 

You can read the whole article here: https://www.wareable.com/wearable-tech/strava-interview-ceo-james-quarles-4850 

Three things in this article got me excited. 

1) "I think there's a power score in running we're intrigued by" 
Hopefully, Power will be a metric on the Strava premium dashboard for running in the near future! 

2) "60% of the workouts done by intrinsic users are indoors, which is why Strava wants to better represent them" 
Will Zwift for running become the next big social endurance sports tech trend? If so a footpod like Stryd can connect the dots if you run on a treadmill that's not connected to the Skynet! 

3) "In the middle of Strava's San Francisco office stands a cabinet filled with every gadget that's ever worked with the platform: smartwatches, smartphones, old cycling computers, and a Google Glass crowning the display." 
Does that mean we will get HUD Strava Sunglasses soon? So #excited about the possibility of that, like hyperventilating about it... 

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