// Race Pace

March 05, 2018

// Race Pace

I love this image from the Stryd website that shows two different tactics in a race. I'm sure we have all been there. The disappointment of hitting the wall and slowing down is a negative spiral and it's one you can almost never recover from in a race. 

It's so easy to start fast and hard, on fresh legs and with the adrenalin rushing. I've done this more times than I can remember, even though I know I will be hugely disappointed if I start sliding backwards later in a race. 

Obviously, you can pace yourself by sticking to a per minute mile/ kilometre, but I find that it is all too easy to run ahead of that pace and think you are banking extra time. You can mentally cash those seconds every split and get a dopamine hit, but most of us are actually overcooking it and will run into a deficit situation shortly after. 

By comparison, power is a great number to pace your race with. Not only does it help you to confidently run slow up and fast down inclines (as I've posted about on here before) but I find that running to what seems like an abstract number also helps you to stay focused on sticking to your original race plan and hitting that PR! 

I've blown up on so many races, but training to and racing with power is REALLY helping me to blow up less and PR more this year!

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