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// More Footpods & More Metrics

November 10, 2017

// More Footpods & More Metrics

As we eagerly await the Garmin IQ Connect Power App later this month, other interesting RunTech products have been launched in recent weeks, most notably the RunScribe Plus > 

// RunScribe Plus

RunScribe initially launched on Kickstarter and were the first to bring a dual foot pod system that allowed for real-time (outdoor!) running gait analysis, with post-run analysis tools. Super interesting! The 5kRunner has done a great job reviewing the product on the link below, so I won't go into too much detail on this post, but a few interesting points to note - 

// Trimming can be done in the App, like most coaching tools, it's pretty handy to isolate the specific data you are interested in reviewing. 

// Heel/midfoot strike stats seem to be pretty on point (as per the image on this post) and match with what I know about my own gait. 

// So now you can check if the running store gave you the right advice from the treadmill test :) although it will set you back more than the cost of your shoes! 

// 5kRunner

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