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Nasa uses infrared light to speed up the growth of plants in space

Sports Illustrated tells the KYMIRA Sport story in length and it's super interesting. One way to think of the IR Fabric/Tech concept is that the garment is acting like a prism refracting and concentrating wavelengths of light. The Infra-Red light is "boosted" and that's what stimulates the mitochondria in cells to speed things up like circulation. 

If you want to go super deep into the research check out this paper on FIR (Far Infrared Radiation). 

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Kymira Sport infrared compression socks, Kymira Sport socks, Kymira Sport review,  Kymira Sport, Kymira Sports clothing // Yes, Kymira is like a compression product, but compression is not what the garment is trying to achieve. Much compression tech has been debunked in sports use (during exercise, recovery is slightly different), but IR Tech is what Kymira is all about. 

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