// Garmin v Stryd v RunScribe!

// DC Rainmaker went out for a test run using the new Garmin IQ App (+compatible watch and power accessory), Stryd and RunScribe to see what power outputs they all gave. The attached image came straight from his twitter feed.

/// A quick analysis 

// Garmin seems a touch less accurate, with more variability and noise, possibly because they don't use a foot-mounted device to measure with, which is (apparently) the most accurate place to measure from. 

// Stryd and RunScribe seem to be more aligned, although the absolute numbers are obviously different, so this could be a calibration thing, but more likely it's a difference in the values used in some of the calculation formula factors. 

/// What does this mean? 

Firstly, if you want accuracy in your power measurement, it looks like RunScribe and Stryd are your best bet right now. 

Secondly, if you work out a critical power number using one device, then stick to that device and don't switch over to another one unless you re-evaluate your power training and pacing zones. 

Lastly, I'd expect that, as more products come to market, the precision and accuracy of devices will converge, much like it has in the cycling market over the last decade. 

I'll do my best to keep posting as more updates on Running Power come into the public domain :) 

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